Volkswagon Golf R-Line (2017)


Overall: 6/10
Performance: 6/10
Exterior: 6/10
Interior: 7/10
Comfort: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
Price: 8/10
Running Costs: 9/10

Was hoping to test drive the R but I had to settle with the R-Line. Only 150HP with this model but had enough poke for my liking. I wasn’t expecting much but had some characteristics of the R. 0-60 in around 8 seconds which is slightly quicker than my 3 Series. Feels a lot faster though which is good!

Not being very imaginative with the new style I don’t think. All Golfs pretty much look the same to me. If there wasn’t a 2017 plate on this I won’t know it was a 2017 car. But saying that, VW know that it is one of their most successfully models so why change the shape too much!

Pretty basic interior but does everything you want a car to do. As you can see below it looks pretty much the same as the older models. Most manufactures are doing this now and just tweaking it which I don’t mind. You don’t want to play around too much with the electronics as they are one of the first things to go wrong. So I like the fact VW stuck with a similar system.
Happy to say it performs quite well here. It has some features from the R but not the hard ride. It is a little bit more stiff than I thought but still really comfortable.

Pretty bang average sound for a golf. Not amazing but not too bad. It revs until 6,500rpm so you get the good sounds around 4-5,000rpm. It’s no V12 but for a little 1.5litre engine it does the job.

One I drove: £22,000
Basic spec: £20,000
High spec: £27,000

Running Costs:
Spot on! Almost perfect car for running costs to be honest. Tax is £30 and it does 50+mpg. What more can you want. Maybe some cheap insurance? Would cost me just under a thousand. Which is more than I was expecting but everyone is different.

Overall Verdict:
Not too much to say about the car really. Pretty similar to the old models but just slightly updated. Perfect car for every sort of person. Second hand it would be an ideal first car. Works for the older generation and families. Cheap to run and enough power to get you on your way!
I’d prefer the R though.


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