Cold Wet Lambo

Crowded meet on the weekend so virtually impossible to get a clean shot of the special cars.
Background was fairly consistent so wasn’t too difficult to remove the people. I would have liked to have kept the additional cars but would have been too difficult without taking another picture of them.
I mainly used cloning as it wasn’t a huge space to cover for the people in the middle. For the right hand side I copied and pasted the trees over and cloned around it to smooth it off. For the people on the right I used select and mask to highlight them and content awareness fill. It did the majority of the removal but need some cloning to tidy it up.
All I done after that was adjust the vibrancy and saturation and a couple of other colouring’s to make the Lambo stand out a bit more.

Lamborghini Hurracan
Spotted at Westerham Brewery

Photoshop Editing Story

Youtube Channel

More edits

Car Reviews

More pictures and stories


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