BMW E93 2.0L Diesel M Sport (2011)


Overall: 6/10
Performance: 4/10
Exterior: 7/10
Interior: 7/10
Comfort: 8/10
Sound: 3/10
Price: 7/10
Running Costs: 9/10

You aren’t buying this car for performance so you shouldn’t expect much. You do get 180HP from the 2.0L Diesel and isn’t too sluggish once you have your foot down and the turbo kicks in.
0-62mph in around 8 seconds.
But when it comes to MPG this is where the car exceeds. You’ll be getting over 40, close to 50 MPG on a long run and around 30MPG on short commutes.

The exterior on the BMW I think is still looking rather good for its age. It’s now 6 years old but still looks quite modern. The SE version of this looks quite dated but the M Sport with the 19 inch alloys still look incredible! From experience on the English roads the 19 inch alloys have been known to crack which is why investing in some smaller 18 inch alloys is a smart idea.

The interior is a very nice place. This particular model is finished in a cream leather interior which goes well with the black exterior. The trim is well finished off and very comfortable on long runs. The centre consoles are quite dated but nothing to complain about.

Comfort wise this car passes in flying colours. With the original run flat tyres the ride is a little hard but once changing the tyres to standard you will notice the difference. Personally, don’t see the point in run flats.
The suspension is very comfortable especially at high speeds. Very sturdy, solid car which gives you a lot of confidence when driving it.

As a diesel it doesn’t have the best sound. I like to compare it to a van but that is the same with most diesels. At high rev’s it doesn’t sound too bad but it’s no Ferrari.

Running Costs:
Insurance very reasonable!
Tax is £130 a year
Servicing is a couple of hundred pounds but still very reasonable
Fuel is very good as explained in Performance. Around 400 miles to a tank on short journeys.

New: £40,000
3 years old: £20,000
6 years old: £12,000

Overall Verdict:
This car is a beautiful car and perfect for long cruise. Would recommend if you are looking for a sporty looking car along with affordable running costs but without the performance. Considering the price difference and engine sizes I would go for the 3.0L Diesel as it isn’t too much more to buy plus you get that extra bit of power and the fact that bigger is better.


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